Don't be embarrassed about your period girlie. OWN IT.


Periods. Menstrual cycle. That time of the month. Terms that make many uncomfortable. But why should it?

Here at periodPals, we combat period poverty and strive to end period stigma. It is that one topic that people are always reluctant to bring up, whether it's in daily conversations or at a large scale political debate. It's is extremely important to normalize periods, because it is literally an inevitable biological function.

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Fun Fact: Whilst gearing up for her space mission in 1983, NASA asked astronaut Sally Ride if she’d need 100 tampons for the one week of her period whilst in orbit. They are literally rocket scientists


Done by: Leisha Bhandari

 I still remember that one time I went to the mall with my friends. I was carrying a small bag with my phone, wallet, and a pad inside, because, well, I was on my period. When I opened my bag, my friends burst out laughing. No, I wasn’t embarrassed, not one bit, because there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. But I was disappointed, to see fellow women laugh at the fact that I was carrying a pad in my bag. Women all over the world know what it feels like to have their period. Yet, menstruation is a widely stigmatized issue. It is that one topic that people are always reluctant to bring up in daily conversations and large scale political debates. In a recent study, 62% of women and 59% of men described it as "embarrassing to talk about."
In Indonesia, intercourse is forbidden during menstruation. Menstrual isolation is a common practice in India, Nepal, and Bali. The menstruating girl is not allowed in the kitchen or to enter the house. In some tribes, there are special huts where women are confined during their periods. During this time, she is also not allowed to do activities like drawing, singing, or stitching. The menstruating girl is secluded from her friends and a goat is slaughtered in South Africa. She must cover her head with a blanket and hide till sunset. In Afghanistan, it is believed that during her periods, women should not take a bath or shower because they may become ‘gazag’ i.e., infertile. Many young women don’t have access to any type of sanitary pad, which causes them to miss school and to be 70% more likely to have reproductive tract infections. The stigma of the period is quite real, even in the United States. When other health and medical equipment are not taxed, the 'tampon tax' is levied on menstrual resources, which goes on to show how many people think menstrual products aren't a necessity. Even in the Arizona jail system, they once limited the female inmates to only 12 menstrual pads every month.
All these rules, stigmas, taboos for a completely natural biological function. What exactly should be done? This stigma mainly arises from the lack of education and it is this lack of knowledge that humiliates women in many countries when they are on their periods. Many non-governmental organisations, one of them being, Femme International are promoting outreach campaigns to educate women about their menstrual wellbeing as well as to inform men that menstruation does not render women impure or unfit for regular activities such as praying, learning, cooking etc. It is extremely important to talk about menstruation with many people, even if they are getting visibly uncomfortable, because at the end of the day periods are completely natural and it will affect them in the future, directly or indirectly. Women's health issues should be treated with the respect they deserve. Let’s all work towards destigmatizing periods and make this place a little better for us, women. 

Do you want to help us combat period poverty and end the stigma once and for all?

Hey you, your feelings are completely valid whether you're on your period or not.

How can you volunteer?

PeriodPals gives you a platform, where you can volunteer in many different ways. Not only this, we also give volunteer hours and certificates.

If you volunteer for more than 10 hours, you are awarded a  PeriodPal Bronze certificate

If you volunteer for more than 40 hours, you are awarded a PeriodPal Silver certificate

If you volunteer for more than 70 hours, you are awarded a PeriodPal Gold certificate

If you volunteer for more than 100 hours, you are awarded a PeriodPal Platinum certificate. 

  • You can become a content creator for PeriodPals

    1) Video creation

    -We require you to have basic video editing, and filmmaking knowledge for this position. Here, you will be making videos on how to make reusable, ecofriendly, sanitary period products which will later be posted onto our Youtube channel. 

    -You can also make video sharing information and education young girls about periods, or just sharing stories about your periods!

    2) Article writing

    For this position, you will be asked to write articles every month on topics such as period poverty, stigma, norms etc. You will need to do some research for the articles that you submit to us

    3)Social media developer

    For this position, you will be designing the graphics for our social media and posting regularly, making sure that our page is active.

    Other positions available 

    Student Ambassador: Spread the word about PeriodPals and participate in PeriodPal programs and meetings. Certificate will be provided.

  •  Go on a "Periodpals collection" campaign  

    Do you want do something else?

    How about collecting period products for the poor, who can't afford these basic necessities? Sounds good? Here is how to go about this project:

    1) Fill the form and enter your name(s)

    2)Take pictures along the way! We are going to put them in our gallery section

    3)Make sure to collect these in a huge bag. After you're done, send us a message via email and tell us how many products you got (Example: tampons x 46  Pads x 32)

    4) Make sure to send us pictures for proof!

    5) Donate the products to the nearest period supply bank/ orphanage/ shelter.

    (Make sure to mention the name of the organization you have donated to, in the email)

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